Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Acai Berry diet


Does the Acai Berry diet work? 

The first thing you must have in clear is that a nutritional supplement does not replace the diet. It supports and improves the health and is not by itself a medical treatment or diet.

Today it is known that a diet must also follow a different concept of what is good nutrition. In fact, doctors always recommend a healthy food to acquire the nutrients from the body naturally.

The fruit of the Acai Berry is known for its qualities as an antioxidant and its composition of natural fat. The Acai is healthy for the digestive process and the immune system.

The benefits of this fruit cover a wide range: It improves the tone of the skin, helps cleanse the body as a detoxifier and fight the effects of the age; it increases the level of stamina and can aid against cancer cells.
Natural consumption of Acai Berry is ideal to acquire all the nutrients provided by this fruit. However, a dietary supplement with Acai Berry can help if the fundamental ingredient comes from the fruit.

There are no known side effects for natural substances in the Acai, but dietary supplements made from this fruit can cause these effects if other improper ingredients are mixed in its nutrient facts.

  • Can you use the Acai Berry diet pills without colon cleanse?

This is a question that many friends make us.  The Colclenser of Alfa Vitamins is a detoxifier developed specifically for the cleaning of the colon.  Likewise, Acai Berry supplement is aimed to give the health benefits of the fruit.  Each remedy has its characteristics and its own functions.

You must guide the consumption of these supplements by the health problem that you want to treat, always with the criteria of your doctor.

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